If you are interested in Christian politics, you may also find these organisations helpful. By providing links to these external organisations, ARPA does not necessarily endorse any or all positions adopted by these organisations.

Organisation Name Link Description
Australian Christians http://australianchristians.com.au/ Australian political party fielding Christian candidates for federal and state elections.
Australian Christian Lobby http://www.acl.org.au ACL is an organisation of over 170,000 individuals seeking to bring a Christian influence to Australian politics.
Medicine with Morality http://www.medicinewithmorality.info/ An organisation formed to unite doctors across Australia in response to an increasing drift of medical ethics away from moral absolutes.
The Coalition for the Defence of Human Life https://cdhl.org.au/ Coalition of pro-life organisations (including ARPA) who are calling for a review of WA’s Abortion laws. CDHL organises the annual rally to WA Parliament.
Freedom For Faith www.freedomforfaith.org.au Christian Legal think tank promoting the protection of religious freedom in Australia.
Law and Religion Australia (Blog) https://lawandreligionaustralia.blog/ Neil Foster is an Associate Professor in law with qualifications in both law and theology. His blog often provides thorough analysis of Christian legal issues.
Human Rights Law Alliance https://www.hrla.org.au HRLA is a non-for-profit law firm with a Christian ethos which provides legal services in the areas of freedom of thought, conscience and religion.