To carry out our important work, ARPA relies entirely on the generous support and donations from individuals who share our commitment to upholding Christian values in the public sphere.

The financial contributions we receive play a crucial role in enabling ARPA to engage in advocacy efforts, conduct research, and provide valuable resources to inform and empower our Free Reformed community and beyond.

We are deeply grateful for the support we receive, as it allows us to continue our mission. With your continued generosity, ARPA can work tirelessly to keep our community informed and unite our voice to make a positive impact on our nation’s political landscape. This will ensure that Christian principles remain an integral part of the public discourse over social and political issues in Australia.

To join with us, view the different options below.


Membership is for those who would like to be engaged in the work that ARPA performs, and have a keen interest in the operation and direction of the organisation. Members shall be invited to our annual AGM and other events, and shall have voting rights. Members are also automatically added to our mailing list to receive our Counterpoint newsletter and other updates. Membership of ARPA is free, but to cover budgetary requirements we encourage members to also partner with us and donate a minimum amount of $10/month.


To support the ongoing work of our research officers, ARPA requires individuals who are prepared to partner with us and support us through regular donations. This partnership is primarily a financial one and does not require you to become a member of ARPA. Therefore, this arrangement will also suit those who wish to donate, but who may not have the time to be directly involved in ARPA’s work and direction.

One-off Donor

Although we appreciate the commitment of a continuing partnership, we understand that some of you may prefer to make a one-off donation. These donations are still crucial in our ongoing efforts to meet our budget, and grant us necessary funds to hold events and invite experienced speakers to share their insights with our audience.


Sign up to receive regular updates from our research officers. As well as publishing regular columns in the FRCA Una Sancta magazine, ARPA produces fortnightly Counterpoint newsletters which we distribute via email to our subscribers. If you wish to receive Counterpoint in your inbox, as well as other updates and relevant material, enter your email address in the |SIGN UP| box on the Home page.

To begin your journey as a member or partner of ARPA, or to send us a one-off donation, either:

  1. Click the button below to download our partnership form. Please fill out this form and return to
  2. Scroll down and enter your details directly into the web form below.

Please note that donations to ARPA are not tax deductible.

All contributions are pivotal in enabling ARPA Australia to employ staff and direct additional resourcing for its mission. Your support is crucial! As a donor you will be added to our mailing list, receiving updates on ARPA Australia’s work and latest political developments.

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Setting up an EFT

Once you have submitted the paperwork to become a partner, or to make a one off donation, please use the bank details provided below to set up your electronic funds transfer to the ARPA Australia account.

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